Out of the Ordinary was established in 2022, my daughter Darcy Carole is the inspiration behind the group, she brings sunshine into the darkest of days,she shows strength, determination and courage every second of the day, the struggles she faces in her life are due to her being severely disabled.

It's a lonely place to be when your a parent to a special needs child, nobody to talk or offload to,nobody seems to listen or understand,then it struck me one day...I needed to find other parents out there like me ...I needed to help and support anyone that needed it,and in turn that would help me!, 

I now successfully run a support group for parents and carers of children with disabilities and/or additional needs, the group offers support and advice also it's a place where you don't have to worry or feel lonely,..people can come together to talk and support one another over a coffee and a few biscuits on a weekly basis,...proven to have a huge impact on our mental health 😀 

Out of the Ordinary into the outdoors is walk and talk support,all the same qualities of the weekly support sessions just outside in the fresh air,... keeping the mind and body active is proven to improve our mental health and well-being, being a special needs parent is hard but I no now it doesn't have to be lonely too I help me by helping you,  

We are based in salterbeck workington, zoom support can also be arranged just get intouch and we can discuss the details